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Buy Instagram Accounts

The purchase of Instagram pages is essentially conducted on the black market, since there is no designated marketplace for doing so. In addition, there is no organization that oversees these transactions, so the page owners may set whatever price they like. Buy Instagram Accounts.
However, the average cost of an Instagram profile with 10,000 “Real” followers is around $500. (at the time of publishing this post). By actual followers, we mean that the reach of a page’s postings should be at least 60 percent of the page’s total number of followers.

Buy Instagram Accounts
Buy Instagram Accounts

Is It Risky to Purchase an Instagram Account?

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits and drawbacks, there are other elements of acquiring Instagram pages that are quite significant, most of which are security-related. Purchasing and selling Instagram accounts is prohibited under the law.
Because of this, Instagram always considers the account’s creator to be its owner and requires them to provide an email address for the account. Instagram will use this email address to give its users verification codes if they are required to verify their identities.
Therefore, even if you change the email address after acquiring the account, the former owner may contact Instagram to reclaim it, and because purchasing Instagram pages is unlawful, you have no right to claim its ownership.
Observe the following guidelines if you are still interested in purchasing an Instagram account:
Purchase an Instagram account that is active in your chosen market.
As previously indicated, the engagement of followers reduces significantly when a new account is purchased and new content is published. When you acquire a fitness account and convert it into a beauty page, you cannot anticipate the same level of interaction from the page’s followers.
When posting articles on a page you’ve purchased, the content shouldn’t deviate much from the first niche the account was active in. Check the account’s prior postings and their publication date, as the page may not be what it claims to be.

Buy Instagram Followers

Examine the page’s caliber

Be vigilant for con artists. There are several pages for sale with thousands of followers and numerous posts; but, when you examine their followers, you will discover a large number of false followers that do not interact with the postings.
Thankfully, it is not too difficult to discern fraudulent accounts from genuine ones; just examine their comments and dates. The good news is that IG Audit and Hypeauditor make it simple to evaluate the quality of these sites.

3. When purchasing an Instagram page, a robust contract should be created.

First, confirm that the page owner has access to the page by requesting that he or she publish a particular post.
As stated before, when you purchase an Instagram account, the account’s owner will provide you with the account’s email address and password. However, even if you change the email address associated with the account, the account’s owner may contact Instagram and reclaim it. Therefore, what can you do to avoid this issue? Here are several solutions:
– Acquire the Instagram account from a trustworthy individual or company
– Pay through PayPal or other secure gateways so that you may simply issue a refund if a problem arises – If the Instagram page is linked to a Facebook account, request the Facebook account from the Instagram page’s owner. Communicate with the page owner and stay in contact with him to address any issues that may arise.


Taking into account the aforementioned factors, purchasing an Instagram profile entails a number of dangers. If you want to be active on Instagram, have a high-quality page, and use it for your business, we recommend increasing your budget for better solutions, such as creating a flawless Instagram profile and interacting with people through automation tools; you can learn more about these helpful tools here.

Buy Instagram Accounts

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